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Author David A. Schwinghammer

David A. Schwinghammer writes blogs at Author’s Den sending rants of fundamental truths about objectionable television shows in a recent article.

However, Schwinghammer’s greatest assault is against the publishing industry.  He is appalled that: “These days everything seems to have come from the Literary and Mystery Guilds, notorious shills for what passes for a best seller.” Additionally, he informs that the New York Times best seller list is ruled by the likes of James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Glenn Beck who have stooped to hiring ghost writers to write material for their lack of ideas.  Read more… in Crap fest  at Author’s Den.

David is the author of the mystery suspense novel, Soldier’s Gap about the killing of a small town’s local high school principal and the complicated involvement of several members within the school district.

The first person to reach the scene is baffled. He reaches the dead man but, at the touch of his cap, receives a weird sensory message that indicates the body is that of a man who might or might not be caught in the twilight-zone.

His book is available through Author’s Den and at:

Barnes & Noble.com
Mystery Writer

Publicist Joan Stewart

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