Calling Americans: Buffoons re Royals

The Fairytale is True: Commentary

by Charlotte Liebel © 2011

Reading a rather interesting article written by Joe Queenan in the May 9, 2011, issue of the Time, Commentary.  While he may be accurate in his critique of the British Royals and the buffoonery of citizens of America, his topic and title “America’s Nitwit Anglophiles” is cynical for several reasons.

If I am to believe a man who defames people he might otherwise admire and conjures a portrait that all the ~ upper-crust ~ of Britain are “…vulgar, dim, crass, and useless…” and then suggests then that he must yet qualify the statement with: “At their worse…”  Seems to me that this is what he does well and that would be to insult the population from whom his dear wife evolves. Not to mention that he speaks loosely of people from his chosen country and lumping everyone from the same mold.  

Perhaps Mr. Queenan is merely goading the parties of both lands to help him make a living.  He’ll certainly have more than his share of criticism to make him the proper choice for laughing fodder.  I must dispel any of his silly assumptions that are, however, laugh-out-loud funny.  

For his ignorance in lumping all people into classes and into a single category for classes, which cannot make a bit of sense as far as the USA is concerned, let him earn a tsunami of misappropriation for that brain of his is waterlogged already and a little more water should not matter.

It is sad, in my humble opinion, that Joe Queenan can see the dimness and not the splendid forest of magic and fairytale.  Not to begin appreciating a wedding between nobility and commoner when our world is bereft with war and taxes and poverty is to disdain the miracle among mortals for a blessing of spiritual Godliness.   


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