My Cat Left Home ~ by Charlotte Liebel


By Charlotte Liebel ©  2011

My elderly aunt has a feral cat that hides behind the washer and dryer from everyone during the day. At night he jumps in bed and sleeps on the pillow next to her. Just loves her and trained himself.   “Cat” is his name and he is black with a cold, shiny, charcoal colored nose.

Perhaps you love cats as I do and hope that your feral cat might do the same…just up-and-become tame, one day. Cats are unpredictable… and independent…as you must know.

I loved my own cat and must tell you that I shall never forget her.  When I moved  with our family kitty, Minnie, it was fifty miles away from our old house.  She didn’t like the new neighborhood.

Minnie tried extremely hard to adjust to the front yard but a mean old stray cat had already claimed that territory.  The spacious backyard was not safe for her because Jimmy,  the family dog, enjoyed his treasured new freedom and was a rascal cat-chaser.

One day, Minnie disappeared. I looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her anywhere.  Every day I hoped for her surprise return. It didn’t happen.  I had to give up looking after two weeks but in the back of my mind I was always thinking she would come home.  As the previous home was not yet sold, one month later I drove the distance to spend one day clearing the weeds that had grown.  It was summer.  Late in the afternoon,  I opened all the windows to let fresh air into the house.

In the living room, I opened the French windows and looked down into the bushes beneath the window sill. I couldn’t have been more shocked and devastated. There lay my Minnie’s coat … only that … for her essence had left our world.  She had followed the  sound of  trains along the tracks from our new home to find peace at her family home. Family pets need the love and protection that we don’t always understand.  But I can learn.



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