Sharlet Reviews ~

My Blog’s are for  people who write stories and like to read them .  I do hope you’ll pull-up an easy chair and stay a while. Enjoy reading some of my recent book reviews and articles.

My new BOOK is called ~ Journey to the M.A. Degree: Educational Psychology and Literacy ~with a complete 10-Lesson Composition Writing Series.  Poetry and Memoirs are included.

Visit my< companion Blog site> for the FREE  Historical Report on Mark Twain that appears in my book. 

It was my original website Blog so there you’ll find more reviews, as well as: poetry, philosophical thoughts and short stories.

I like to read and share reviews of other authors’ published works.  But I include my essays, stories and poetry for your entertainment, too.

Each review gives you my psychological view of character and viewpoint.  Sometimes, this helps to understand the writers’ stories.  You decide whether or not you want to read the book.  Actually, I’ve enjoyed all that are posted.

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Then, perhaps, leave your comments and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER before you leave to read more stories. Just click this link to another Sharlet WordPress Blog.



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