Friend ~ I hear your heart of passion almost every day.  As you speak bold words of God’s mind you express the passion you follow in Christianity. Most visible is your love for family values and background heritage. You express pride and love in your children. How we love defines the burning question: Passion.

 Your passion runs deep as you celebrate and visit Indian Nation events in other states with pride. You absorb books in many subjects by the dozens and are an example for family and others that books educate. You show how education is important for one’s mind and share what you learn in conversation. You can never be bored or boring.

Wildlife is another passion of yours in the protection and privacy you give to your bird residents. Because you shelter and nurture God’s creatures, you and your family receive pleasure, education, and blessings.

And your greatest recent accomplishment – juicing – is absolutely a passionate response to eating well, loss of weight, and lifestyle changes. Even your car experienced a passionate response from you over it’s total loss. These emotions are those that I can relate to and to which I can respond in kind.

Passion can not be simply defined. It may be more an expression of how we love rather than what we love.

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