~ THE CHEAP DETECTIVE [Movie Review by Charlotte M. Liebel]

The Cheap Detective

The slapstick movie ‘The Cheap Detective’ and May the Farce Be With You.                   ~Charlotte M. Liebel Reviewer

The slapstick movie “The Cheap Detective” is entertaining with witty surprises. Always the delightful character, it stars Detective Colombo, none other than Peter Falk. He  plays the lead and lisps like Humphrey Bogart. The girls are after him, their husbands are dying, and baubles are stolen. The men are assaulted or murdered. Some die standing. The story is happening in France and Germans are in the pub singing as in Casablanca. The women fall or fake love for him and everyone but Colombo carries a gun. The ending sees the German enemy shot in the middle of his forehead and dies on the spot. Girls that were traded for favors get away, show up or walk away. Colombo gets three of the ladies and they drive away in a limo drinking Champagne. And so I say, May The Farce Be With You.

“San Francisco, 1940, detectives, dames, documents, Nazis, and a treasure.”

Director: Robert Moore Writer: Neil Simon Stars:Peter Falk, Ann-Margret, Eileen Brennan | See full cast and crew


WHAT IS MY BOOK ABOUT: Explained by Charlotte M. Liebel

REVIEW of JOURNEY TO THE M.A. DEGREE by Charlotte M. Liebel, Author 

To write a #MEMOIR is to share motivation and inspire readers to desire to study at college. Such is the reason that one of the courses shared is a
research paper developed on the history of Mark Twain. The book is an effort to motivate and teach adults that it is possible to attend college after a long absence away from studies. The samples of coursework attempt to remove the mystery of higher learning.



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