A SERIES: THE DECEIVED (L.A.P.D. Special Investigations Book 1) By Linda Style

5.0 out of 5 stars A WILD RIDE! by Linda Style – Awarded, Best-Selling Author   =

Four years after Detective Adam Ramsey of the L.A.P.D. loses his good friend and partner, he is drawn back to the crime. He heads for Chicago. Adam is a big hunk with a heart and a sense of humor. But, look out for his attitude. Soon, we learn his reason for it. He begins to follow the widow.

Jillian Sullivan, and her pre-teen daughter, once lived in L.A. with her husband. She is his friend’s widow. Next, the story mysteriously joins two unlikely individuals, Adam and Jillian, now on a plane, are headed to Costa Rica. Jillian makes demands on Adam. She insists they travel together. It is a dangerous trip.

He has reasons besides lack of money behind finding a cheap car. Their intended travels cannot be reached by bus so they bravely take a chance on renting an old beat-up Volkswagen. But who knew they’d travel through remote villages, mud and jungle, rotten weather, and dangerous bandits with guns. These
guys are drug lords. Near death experiences await them.

Detective Ramsey’s personality is secretive and for good reason. The less information he shares with her the safer his cover. Anyway, plans change moment to moment. Lives are at stake. It doesn’t take long before Jillian speaks her mind. She is outspoken and unafraid of stating her feelings. However, accommodations and the hot and humid weather affect the dynamics of their relationship. Their conversations are full of expression. Some are angry, some are comical. And their minds open for tenderness.
Small towns are coming into view. The car breaks down and they walk to get help. Communicating in Spanish helps. They meet a contact to retrieve the car and fix it. The couple thought they might find Jillian’s husband alive. But will they?

WAIT! There’s more. This mystery is not about to end. This adventure is a wild ride! Recommend for all audiences. Especially for those who look for adventure, romance, and mystery.

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