A SOLDIER’S SECRET by Linda Style [Charlotte M. Liebel Review]

A SOLDIER’S SECRET by Linda Style [C.M.Liebel Review]

In the memorable story: ‘A Soldier’s Secret’ by Award-Winning SuperRomance Novelist, Linda Style, audiences read an inspirational story — a total experience by Troops re-entering civilian life after military service.  Early in this story, two outstanding pilots meet during the Iraq War while flying Search and Rescue to recover wounded troops. Natalia and (Mac) MacAllister experienced trauma in an especially harrowing experience that nearly cost their lives during their last rescue mission. The truth is that reactions to war and individual healing leaves scars that are not immediately recognized upon a return to civilian life.

However, a number of years go by and Natalia and Mac team-up, again. This time they work at the local mountain ranges of Spirit Creek by flying to rescue stranded tourists. Natalia knows the small town of Spirit Creek, Arizona, quite well. She and her two best girlfriends grew-up here as teens in high school and have shared histories as they matured.  

It was no small favor that Mac rescued Natalia and saved her life in a war zone. This gave them a lasting relationship as a flying duo but it had never become romantic. And they know little of one another outside of flying rescues. In fact, each is absorbed in their own agenda. Long term goal for Natalia is buying the Mountain Air Search and Rescue. Mac just learned he has a son in Iraq and needs to be married to adopt and bring him home.

Author Linda Style weaves unexpected scenarios into her complicated romance stories that make them absolutely believable.  It inspires audiences to continue reading in manageable timelines to reach the psychological and mind-boggling direction toward which love develops and sustains a relationship. As soon as one surprise is revealed, another develops.

The plot thickens. Both pilots served in dangerous gun-fire fly zones during the war. How might an incident flying rescue for stranded visitors affect the return of trauma to one of the story’s pilots? Could flying become a danger to all involved? Might close friends recognize PTSD nuances and changes of personality?

Congratulations to Author Linda Styles for writing true life for heroic veterans into the storyline of her romance novel: ‘A Soldier’s Secret.’  Not only does the story educate readers but a portion of her sales supports troops by donations to: http://www.warriorfoundation.com/ THE WARRIOR FOUNDATION.  

‘A Soldier’s Secret’ by Linda Style is a fast read, 5-Star, action suspense drama suitable for young through mature adults. This is the third book in the series where each of the women has previously experienced a major role. Prior intriguing tales stand on their own storyline and are: ‘The Mistake She Made,’ and ‘The Promise He Made.’  Books are highly recommended and are available at all booksellers in paperback and eBook.       


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