BIGFOOT ISLAND (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) by Eve Paludan

Get a grip all fans of the historical sightings circulated about the elusive and mysterious ‘Bigfoot.’ A new series BIGFOOT ISLAND (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) by Eve Paludan, the best-selling author of multi-genre stories, has given reality to encounters documented over the ages! The author has instilled a memorable and detailed appreciation of Una, the Bigfoot, who is introduced as the likes of a loving, intelligent, family oriented member of planet earth.

Torrential rains have split half of Cedar Island, Washington State, where an entire population of primitive Sasquatch are buried in a mudslide. A female survivor hears a crying infant and her maternal instincts lead her into dangerous territory to feed the child. Una is enormously tender and a protective caregiver.

What a shock it is for new Police Chief Jack Lee to be called to report for duty before unpacking on arrival by ferryboat from Seattle. He gets a telephone update on current investigative reports and leaves home in a hurry. Jack arrives at the police station and encounters unwelcomed big city problems. An infant is reported missing, a woman’s death is mysterious, a prominent citizen cannot be trusted, Bigfoot is spotted carrying a baby toward the mountains, his best friend keeps a secret and his wife doesn’t like island life.

Only hours prior to arrival, Jack’s best friend and next door beach house owner, Dr. Allie Chandler, an anthropologist, had prepared a welcoming dinner for Jack, his artistic wife Margo, and their vacationing college bound niece Jenn. Allie leaves all the food on the table. But when the family arrives it looks like wild beasts have invaded and trashed the place. How did the invaders get into the house and what kind of beasts were they?

Allie and Jenn get caught-up in their own great adventure together. Allie discovers that her anthropological research gives accurate data and her bravery leads to the dangerous investigative work she decides to pursue. These next events are breathtaking and create exciting and cautious encounters that become thrilling turning points in the Bigfoot story.

Feel the ease of conversational language, friendly squabbles, and fluid results of investigations. Enjoy a different kind of adventure as you read with excitement the fast-moving, most unusual and entertaining new series BIGFOOT ISLAND (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) by Eve Paludan.


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