Bootcamp for Novelists BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT #Writing Techniques/Pros by Linda Style


For the advanced pro-novelists, the release of this ebook highlights a broad scope of brand new study areas. The work in chapters of study include: lectures, explanations, and samples. It is a fact that I could not wait to open to pages of the new work and am ‘excited’ at just beginning to absorb this.

I am encouraged to complete my manuscripts with these advanced studies. Fortunately, some review of past lectures is also included in the book for writers new to these workshops.

Be persuaded that this 449 page ebook is beyond beginner perks. Originally, my collection of lectures included the purchase of individualized manuscripts for specific study areas that accommodated the six-month Bootcamp Basic Training Workshops. The ebook Kindle Edition promises to surpass that basic training and is geared to share: ‘Writing Techniques of the Pros.’

Experience impressive learning curves of novel writing. Read about the misnomer terms that, over the years, are circulated. One such issue is the description of `The Novel.’ It is not a short-story. And there are many story books on library shelves that are not novels. The Novel, in fact, is identified as a `long work of fiction’ about believable people living believable lives and all of it is faked and not true.

Within this framework, novel writing contains: `Expectations’ ~ `Structures’ ~ ‘Techniques.’ The development of these writing skills are used by seasoned novelists in choosing among: fiction genres, sub-genres, and cross genres.

`Bootcamp for Novelists BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT: Writing Techniques of the Pros by Linda Style is an explicit journal of proven coursework. Originally, Ms. Style developed writing courses for six-month lectures as taught at workshops in Arizona.

In explaining `Writing Techniques of the Pros’ Ms. Style delivers examples and exercises in each chapter that are not to be ignored.

If doubts are part of the reasons for your unpublished novel, read this book. Techniques to become a prolific writer of novels are inspiring. This book explores greater expectations for literary content. If your goal is to gather all knowledge and become a pro-novelist and write a better novel, this book gives excellent insights.

`Bootcamp for Novelists BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT: Writing Techniques of the Pros’ by Linda Style is recommended to earnest novelist writers who need to hone their skills. Dedicate yourself to this advanced study. It is delivered in a conversational tone.


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