An investigative team of P.I. members is led by a tough young woman with tunnel vision when rendering services pro bono and administering legal protection. Whether it be court justice or street hoodlums, Charlize (Charlie) Street has a short-fuse for liars, cheats, and the death of her innocent father in prison. The Award Winning quill and imagination of Linda Style holds audiences in suspense and intrigue for hours in just released DETROIT RULES (STREET LAW Book #1).

This unbelievably amazing fictional story reads like raw crime on the streets of Detroit. Fast paced action develops with details that anticipate harrowing crime. Characters with personality flaws but gifted fighter and detective strengths make intuitive decisions that compliment the team. Once, an incident nearly gets Charlie killed but a player gets a mysterious call that saves her life. Fact is that Charlie seems to attract bullets.

Absolute dedication to her clients is the identity of Charlie Street. Her accomplishments have earned recognition and at least one detective is impressed to the nth degree. Her arsenal of expletives explain her anger as she wears a badge of defiance in her competitive role against druggies, cops, and hookers. Brilliance learned under duress in law school was the bi-product of her search to solve the murder of her imprisoned father.

Charlie is a serious threat to the mafia with more than mere gorgeous eyes. Her energy is astounding. She defends a former prostitute named Lucy Devonshire in need of a fair trial in court. A frantic mother, Sandra Linski, insists that her daughter did not run away from a halfway house but is missing. Charlie has to find the time to interview friends of Ella Linski at Phoenix Rising Group Home. However, without permission from the elegantly dressed director, Mr. Ustinov, Charlie tries climbing out the restroom window by standing on the trash container.

The P.I. is unstoppable. Fearless Charlie Street stops at nothing to interview a bartender. It turns out that he might know mafia perps. Her latest partner, also client, is not cool with her brazen recklessness, nor is her team member a Navy Seal. Charlie is impulsive and confident because of her karate skills, intuitive background police investigations, and work with prisoners. Totally independent, she moves out in disguise with an attitude.

Give or take attitude, her willingness to master skills in karate, guns and ammunition, and a fast-paced recklessness, give Ms. Charlize Street a competitive edge. She has no social life although a couple of special guys have entered her life. She has a mother, a brother, and an uncle, but work takes all her time. Charlie behaves like a driven child with a mission. Her talent as an attorney, and successful investigations to win cases, have earned the respect she wants from her peers.

The most recent challenge for Charlize Street is the detective who insists that she is the P.I. he must hire to help him find his best friend. A man who disappeared without a trace that his department has given up on. Remington (Remy) Malone has met his match. Charlie is not interested in his case. Her experience with detectives justifies her dislike. Remy insists on an interview, at least. In a tired moment, she agrees. Suddenly, names pop up in his case that intrigue Charlie. The coincidence of people she too is trying to locate convinces her to take his case.

They seem to have so much energy as a team that Charlie and Remy begin to accept a difficult situation with more admiration. Dialogue about new moves in the case become moves with steamy dialogue. They begin to empathize with the loss of people gone missing.

Dialogue is exciting with fully developed characters. Conflicts within the family of Remy is daunting because his father, Judge Malone, causes waves in Remy’s life. Charlie has problems with her mother, and is having childhood flashbacks. There is murder, mafia history, intrigue, surprises with mafia imbalance, and readers will become unglued at mysterious happenings throughout.

Author Linda Style wrote – Codename: Chandler: STREET (A STREET LAW series prequel) (Kindle Worlds Novella) – that stands alone but is an interesting introduction to the series. DETROIT RULES (STREET LAW Book #1) by Linda Style is a fast moving, romantic, crime mystery, masterpiece story that begins the series. The book is full of mental images and high-end excitement that moves at a fast pace and will keep this story alive in your mind for days. [Verified Purchase]

DETROIT RULES (STREET LAW Book 1) by Linda Style

DETROIT RULES (STREET LAW Book 1) Kindle Edition by LINDA STYLE (Author)


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