DO AS I SAY (The Bennett Mills Mystery Series) by David A. Sterling


Fantastically planned, best organized, titled chapters, political plot, mystery assassin, P.I. research teams and serious romance from D.C. to Arizona. No shortage of authentic inspiration for criminal activity in: DO AS I SAY (The Bennett Mills Mystery Series) by David A. Sterling. Gather abbreviated dialog with nibbles of suspects, informants, clues, family involvement, Vietnam Veterans, FBI and local Police entertain hidden suspects.


Fresh from the start is the unarmed Bennett Mills, former police detective, excused from duty when he had no business taking the day off from duty as FBI Special Agent. All is not well that his D.C. friend and charge Senator Billings is assassinated and a stand-in replaces him for protective services. Besides, Mills had once dated daughter Hope.  


Mills has no job, now. And unhappy boss, Web, has his reassignment in the works. Bennett still cannot believe that he got drunk so fast and his hangover wiped him out the day following the Senator’s celebration party. Glad not to be on duty when the Senator was shot and the trip to visit with family for two weeks are consolation prizes and his subliminal relief mechanisms.


According to the high profile investigation, Senator Billings was shot from the 5th floor garden apartments by a Vietnam Veteran who, then, shot himself. He was an honorably discharged veteran who was happily married and about to become a father. Why would he kill himself?


On the plane trip home, Detective Lynch introduces himself as he returns to Arizona. But wait! Is this coincidence? It isn’t long before the beautiful Police Officer April Lynch and Mills meet and overcome hostilities to uncover a shooter who puts Lynch in the hospital. His buddies, Fred, Mike and Bill turn up to help when they are relieved from FBI duty and become P.I.’s.


Readers learn the team uncover a connection between a couple of veterans returning to ordinary life with sleep disorders are requiring psychological evaluation at a local clinic. From this point on, the whole town is one big rabbit hole with drive-bys, pop-ups, and blow-ups.


The storyline is packed with adventure and clear-cut conversation from well-developed characters. They follow hot leads that include mob gangsters, and psychologically twisted diversions. Some routes are dead-ends with mystery women in disguise and packing guns.


Get ready for the prose of G-Rated language and all audiences are welcome. This professional murder mystery stands to persuade readers to buy a copy for self and as a gift! Highly recommended first book in the new series: DO AS I SAY (The Bennett Mills Mystery Series) by David A. Sterling. Verified purchase.


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