A neighbor calls a slew of attorneys, by request of Miss Daisy, and mysterious events catch the novice Fiona Gavelle off-guard upon her response to prepare a Will. Una Tiers authors the unique tale: DOROTHY DAISY: A FIONA GAVELLE MYSTERY filled with diverse legal documents required to fulfill the quirky demands of Miss Daisy.


The comic whodunnit murder-mystery engages the reader in hide and seek hideouts, ambulance responders, eccentric squabbles, family histories, sibling rivalries and deaths.


A bunch of elderly do-gooders thwart efforts of Department of Aging service providers who try to remove Miss Daisy from her home and plant her elsewhere. The crafty old lady is not to be trusted. She hires Fiona one day then allows one or another of her neighbors to hide her and Fiona cannot get signatures. Miss Daisy appears timid and distrusting one minute then bold and demanding the next.


What is Miss Daisy hiding? There is little she shares about herself. Even when asked about her siblings she would rather go off on a toot about the family’s daisies. Dorothy Daisy keeps her neighbors Emma and Martha baffled. Tenants living at her house haven’t a clue. Her doctor cannot help. ~ Counsel for Department of Aging, Fiona and the others appear in court.


Fiona finds a friend in Andrew at the Law Library who provides assistance and a couple of beers. The next day the librarian sends her home with books she can actually understand. She is taking a crash-course on the guardianship and 3rd party transfer of real estate; a deed placing the property into the trust.


Dorothy comes out of hiding for one day and craves a lunch you know might make you deathly ill. Well, no, the food does not kill her.


Do not despair if you think this story is about to end. Until now, nobody has been allowed inside the Dorothy Daisy house. Meetings have always been held in her garden setting. Siblings who once existed are cloaked in shadows. What happened to them? When did they leave?


Now ~ Get ready for the shocking surprise that greets audiences. Details of the extended family tend to get complicated. DOROTHY DAISY: A Fiona Gavelle Mystery by Una Tiers. Available at Amazon Kindle. This is a verified purchase.




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