SHADOW OF THE WOLF (#2 Series) Connie Flynn [Liebel Review]

SHADOW OF THE WOLF (#2 Series) Connie Flynn [C.M.Liebel Rev]

Folklore and the paranormal breathe life into the fantasy ‘Shadow of the Wolf (The Werewolf Series #2)’ by Connie Flynn. The frantic search for an escape from her Werewolf Queen persona captures the imagination of readers in this romantic story of shapeshifters. Bears, wolves, and hawks transform their identities and shapes for protection. Subjects are experienced in Extrasensory perception (ESP). Their presence is imbued through magic and powers of the mind. They train to read thoughts and locate their charges and enemies. On the flip-side, those they chase can block those sensors.

The actors are true to their character traits when in human and animal form. At times, their souls are in conflict. Evidence of pre-existing Legends interact and engage them in their former existence and this confuses them.  In this world, creatures can send a drone-like image of themselves to return information.  

The introduction to the tale is key to the history of Lily Angelica DeLaVega. A female deer named Sienna Doe becomes the Lupine Werewolf Queen. Our heroine is from dual cultures living in a world of mortals. Her parents are self-indulgent and this leads to a troubled child living a life of escape and poor decisions. Lily slowly matures but danger is ahead at every turn. In one of her episodes, Lily makes friends with a child that has lost her mother and we witness a change in her demeanor. But is it too late?  

At the moment, Lily White Wolf Woman, is in danger of extinction. She is stalked to be killed by the werewolf leader who loves her. She killed one of her kind and broke the rules of that culture and was stripped of her protective royal gifts. But what secrets has she discovered to protect her from Sebastian the King of Wolves?  

Meanwhile, Tony White Hawk of Ebony Canyon, the highly esteemed warrior, pursues Lily and locates her in New York City near Central Park. As a wolf, it was natural for Lily to kill a hawk. But Tony and the Dawn People want her captured and to stand trial for killing a high-ranking hawk. What magic can Tony use to capture the shapeshifter she-wolf alive?  

The Dawn People have a hidden community and await a time of the dark moon to exit their camp to save the remnant of their culture. One of their clan has betrayed them. Magic, warriors, secrets, and amazing feats of near-death and heroism are forthcoming.

‘Shadow of the Wolf (The Werewolf Series #2)’ by Connie Flynn is a highly entertaining and amazing story. Available in eBook at Amazon Kindle.   



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