EVOLUTION OF A SAD WOMAN by Gale Laure [Charlotte M. Liebel Review]


(The Story of Kizzy)

By Gale Laure

Author Gale Laure chose a nearly impossible murder mystery, Evolution of a Sad Woman: The story of Kizzy, as her Debut Novel. Be aware of a most fascinating beauty and her adventures of enormous propositions. Get ready for the unexplained shock of the demise of the emerald-green-eyed, flowing long hair, and gentle spirited Kizzy and prepare to shudder in the very first chapter of this novel. In this story, detectives yield to overwhelming circumstances that describe in detail a heinous murder that leaves audiences weak. Gale Laure captivates her readers with twists and turns for a suspenseful murder mystery.

What is known about Kizzy is that ever since childhood dealt her a mean set of circumstances Kizzy cannot seem to find a joyful path toward love. Kizzy seems drawn to inappropriate dysfunctional men. This is probably due to Kizzy’s feelings of missed bonding with her mother who dies when she is a child. In a few years, she loses her father.  Thereafter, Kizzy seems psychologically bound to lose sight of right and wrong behaviors.  She is a passionate teen and her first love, unfortunately, leaves for college never to return. Thereafter, she has more affairs that are complicated.

Her search is all too common. For lost souls who venture into dangerous circumstances seek great love. She continually disappears from those whom she can trust to cultivate relationships with people she can’t control.

Readers begin to understand Kizzy’s personality after back stories unfold as each of her lovers reveal their story. Kizzy is a strong willed young woman who leaves all the men before they leave her. She makes the rules or so we the viewers believe. What we don’t understand or know are her reasons. Why?

Kizzy travels in questionable circles from the U.S. to foreign territories. Is she running from or into danger for an adventure? Is she on a mission of unknown proportions? All these questions are in the realm of Kizzy’s impossible motives.

The psychological thriller is one that even crusty detectives heave over. It’s an outrageous murder. It’s gross in the details and the phenomenal content of the storyline is passionate in producing quality. What human creature could do such a horrible act? What did Kizzy do to deserve such an exit? This is a tough death to solve so the reader must be alert to the few clues available. In addition, Kizzy leaves vague clues to inform only her most loving admirers, her best friends, how to find her personal possessions. She trusts that together they will not disappoint her.

The reader gets caught-up in the thorough descriptions and minute details as detectives and Kizzy’s five loves enter her residence to investigate her death. They decide how inexplicably difficult it would be to break into her 28th floor apartment. Once inside, they see her expensive drawings are pulled from the walls and the backs are slit as though looking for a document or small hidden item. Her answering machine doesn’t work because a battery is missing. Each of her friends recognizes an item known only to them.

In death, Kizzy leaves a haunting memory of her life. She may have had to relinquish the men she loved in life but never would she release them in death. For to abandon them when she died would not be her kind of justice. Even as a child, Kizzy knows that people who hurt her, “…have to pay…” In the same way, those she loved would always love her. Nobody would get away from her passionate characteristics.

Available at all major booksellers.  ISBN:978-1-4251-2730-5


[Review by Sharlet Liebel ©2009]


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