FINDING JESSIE by Eve Paludan [Charlotte M.Liebel Review]


[Charlotte M. Liebel Review]

Sit on the edge of your seat as you get adventure, excitement, and terror in the story called, ‘FINDING JESSIE’ by Eve Paludan. It is a ride worth taking when Jessie is the heroine driving her motorhome, sleeping on friends’ couches, and sharing her gourmet cooking talents for friendly stopovers. Sam Gold is the reluctant older beau who gives-in  to the irresistible Jessie’s argument that he is, indeed, attractive.

Jessie Wilcox Smith is a great conversationalist and her new admirer finds her philosophy fascinating. Sam listens to her in rapt attention and trustingly shares himself. However, Jessie seldom shares her personal background except as psycho-babble chatter that discourages further discussion ~ and for good reason.

We learn from our first lady of breathtaking features — blue eyes and red hair — that she is a vintage collector of children’s books. Sam, too, is a vintage book collector with a lawyer’s background  and clients to support his expensive collections.

It is rather hilarious and shocking that, within seconds of their meeting, Jessie and Sam go beyond nice to a push-and-pull war over a child’s book.  Each one gets a grip of the same storybook and rip it apart. During the struggle, they knock over stacks of books shattering the sound barrier and embarrassing Sam who is better known as a dignified and respected collector. The couple are escorted out of the estate.  

Outside, they apologize and decide to head for a coffee shop. This is the beginning of their whirligig of romance with never a dull moment.

Author Eve Paludan directs her philosophical journey for ‘Finding Jessie’ through the richness of love, life, and pursuits — some happy and others dangerous — searching haunting shadows of Jessie’s hidden past. The psychology of a mysterious relationship works for the couple through mutual admiration albeit challenging. Sam’s enchantress Jessie is rather richly camouflaged in cuteness. But is she evil?

Sam Gold’s father had left him with a profound belief and understanding. He taught him how to be honest, loving, and truthful. Further, he taught that ‘Listening’ was by all means a virtue.This teaching received by Sam can, probably, be attributed to his unwavering support in Jessie’s search for her hidden reality. It is in her fear and trembling to recall her memories that Jessie struggles and this is a cause for alarm. Why can she not remember? What is the trauma that erased her memory?

In such circumstances, it is conceivable to believe that Jessie was dealing drugs and a prostitute. However, her demeanor is portrayed as a sweet and thoughtful person and contradicts this image. Ghostly shadows are very nearly destroying Jessie’s sanity.

So, no matter the obstacles, Sam is faithfully searching for truth. As an attorney, he has colleagues and connections in the FBI and Central Intelligence. In fact, an investigation is what he wants.

The last pages that caused a ‘freaked-out’ reaction happened at midnight as this reviewer was taken by surprise. Believable. Incredible.  

A tale with twists and turns that reads like last nights’ latest news awaits readers of ‘FINDING JESSIE’ by Eve Paludan. Audiences: Be aware of sensitive neighborhood reality issues in this story. This is a page-turner.

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