FIRST WE KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES: A Derek Shriver Mystery Novel (Book #1) by Connie Flynn


 A zombie-retreat tale spun by multi-genre Author Connie Flynn attracts theme park enthusiasts, robots and the undead. It is called  First We Kill All the Zombies: A Derek Shriver Mystery Novel (Book #1). Romantic couple Clara and Derek Shriver are about to reunite and embark on their long delayed honeymoon. It’s been a five-day separation while Clara presented her ‘accelerating healing’ paper at a biophysics conference.  

The unexpected happens to the couple in an addicting tale of spooks and goofs leading to oops ~ “Where is Brassy?” But I’m getting ahead of myself. Audiences are made aware that Clara and Derek are fanatics about theme parks. They already have a couple and don’t need another one. But Clara makes a deal with Doktor Heinrich Heinekoffen, a man from the conference, because she cannot resist. However, when Derek shows up the fun turns into coercion and next we learn the couple are whisked-off in a ‘mighty’ Zeppelin and head for outer space. The strangest companions join them. And the adventure darkens.

Soon, everything screams of danger and treachery. Herr Shicklgruber is the headmaster who gives orders to guests and hired help, as well. Get a load of his attitude! An extremely intelligent robot named Brassy is programmed to speak, assist and protect the Shrivers, which means they do have a safety net. Clara Shriver is savvy and knows how to tweak Brassy and provides blackout time warps for some private conversations to instruct Derek about the mission she got them both into!

So much research was accumulated to result in this adult entertainment drama that even the chemistry is explained about the Zeppelin, as well as, structure and pathways. It’s a story within a story that gets adult readers involved and interested. You must enjoy creative explorations and question science for this adventure. Recommend that you leap for: FIRST WE KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES: A Derek Shriver Mystery Novel (Book #1) by Connie Flynn, as well worth the bizarre trip! All-aboard!   


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