KNOW WHEN TO RUN (Romantic Suspense) by Connie Flynn

STEAMY ROMANCE attracts two unlikely goal oriented protagonists. Travel is on a Mississippi riverboat and suspense is in this murder mystery by, recent Prism Award Winner – Best Time Travel Author, Connie Flynn called KNOW WHEN TO RUN (Romantic Suspense). Expect maneuvers that make this crime thriller exciting and fun to try to solve.

Suspected of killing her bank-owner-dad, then vanishing, is the rather plain-jane Kathleen Templeton with high-tech banking skills. Bondsman-Owner, Gabe McGregor of MM&B Investigations, is frantic for he has ‘days’ to produce the suspect or lose his guarantee. He never thought his client would skip town ~ not this sensible and wealthy banker’s daughter. So, Gabe turns Bounty Hunter and follows the one ‘lead’ his undependable ex-brother-in-law, Hal, finds.


Gabe McGregor, protagonist, boards the Mississippi riverboat ‘Bayou Belle’ and spots the gorgeous redheaded blackjack dealer across the gambling casino. Ky Taylor is shy and  everyone is a challenge. Now, the handsome Western Dude, sporting his ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots, is left with drooling desire as she leaves the room. Co-owner of the riverboat, with her husband Jim, is Rosie Ortega. She’s Ky’s bossy and protective best friend who grabs her hand and ‘poof’ they disappear.

Gabe stands there staring at Ky for only seconds but she catches his magnetic look. As for Gabe… he’s stubborn. Somehow, he will meet her!

Although he has no clear idea why the riverboat casino is on his list of leads, Gabe asks lots of questions. Soon after he connects with Ky Taylor, she tells Gabe her story, which he doesn’t buy and it’s ‘cat and mouse’ ever after!  She’s his prime suspect but wants to believe her story and it doesn’t take long for them to rock back and forth for the truth as the steamy romance begins.

In no time, her life is threatened and Gabe is almost decimated a couple of times trying to protect her. Now that a romance is brewing it gets tricky. Gabe, off-and-on, accuses Ky of jumping bail and won’t believe her loss of memory tale. She argues back that he’s after the wrong girl. She couldn’t kill her father. Other threats enter the picture. These complicated scenarios with action-packed mysteries, kidnappings, escapes, and flare-ups escalate. Expert Martial Arts moves, hi-tech skills and secret passwords to enter the mix.

Buy the NEW Amazon eBook: KNOW WHEN TO RUN (Romantic Suspense) by Connie Flynn. The cast of suspects are well-defined personalities and travel is on the agenda!   

The winning storyteller delivers a fantastic read of entertaining scenarios that will keep you turning pages to keep up with the action.


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