MERCY’S MAGIC (The Witch Mysteries #1) by P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque

Recommend this entertaining mystery, suspense, and romance that makes an interesting witchcraft story POP with excitement. P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque are co-authors of:  A Mercedes Cruz Novel MERCY’S MAGIC (The Witch Mysteries #1). Research explains that ‘Brujeria’ is Mexican Witchcraft and, in this story, Mercy and relatives are recipients of inherited special gifts. Paranormal behaviors are the norm as potion-mixes are learned.


Mercy is the mother of Terra who is showing paranormal signs for anticipating upcoming activities. Like mother, Terra perceives accidents that make her a target for suspicion among her peers. At this point, she knows little about her heritage and gifts. Even her dad is not privy to her peculiarities. But, then, he and mom have split.


In fact, Mercy should have been keeping up with the family mysteries because the time has come when she must save her friend and neighbor. Until now, Mercy is in business and has the expertise and skills of a PI.


Since she is a novice and behind on her homework, Mercy has limited use of witchcraft that suddenly becomes the life-saving gift to intervene in a frightening and dangerous encounter. Fast learner that she is comes in handy. Mercy finds the concealed whereabouts of her friend’s husband and the reason for his disappearance.


Now the plot thickens. Get ready for chills and funny moments in crisis because Mercy is about to meet Ariel, a gorgeous hunk, who tries to capture her essence through his very own brand of witchcraft.


Ariel is difficult to resist. And his mansion is a trap of dark secrets. While prisoner at a hidden location, Javier is praying in Spanish, which temporarily negates the gifts of the powerful Ariel. But Javier is powerless to escape. However, Mercy has picked-up some Witchy moves.


Excitement and enchantment catch readers’ fancy in the first book of the fast-moving mystery, suspense and romance series called: A Mercedes Cruz Novel MERCY’S MAGIC (The Witch Mysteries #1) by P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque.   


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