THE MISTAKE SHE MADE by Linda Style [Charlotte M. Liebel Review]


By Linda Style



Hope, Trust, forgiveness – characteristics of lovers in a growing relationship. What if emotions are tainted with guilt, regret, and remorse by new partners? Such is the Harlequin story by Linda Style, THE MISTAKE SHE MADE, nominated by Romantic Times for the Best SuperRomance of the Year!


Tragedy happens almost as soon as vindication in prison for a crime that Linc Crusoe never committed.  Impossible as it seems, Linc spends years in a tinderbox prison where hoods take-up residence and murder their cellmates. Daily journals of his innocence are ripped away by Snake who instigates and lands treacherous punches with the guard watching. Instead of freedom, Crusoe is traumatized and when he finally becomes conscious his memory is gone.


A lovely blond-haired Tori Amhearst appears to be his sole visitor in the hospital as he comes out of his coma. Tori has learned that Linc Crusoe’s DNA tests prove him innocent against evidence gathered at his trial where he was convicted of her rape 10-years ago. The news is unbearable because she identified him as her assailant. How can she forgive herself and the mistake she made?


Linc becomes attached to Tori as she continues her hospital visits. Soon, they learn he might be released. But without friends or money this presents both a problem and need for a solution. Tori offers to help him get started; after all, he’s in a wheelchair and can’t work. He’s reluctant. Prideful. Finally, Tori sets-up a convoluted temporary plan to help Linc. It might work and Tori, as yet, had not told Linc about their connection. This causes her total anxiety.


There is mystery and a secret past between Tori and Lincoln Crusoe that was interrupted during their high school days. In fact, Tori’s best friend Serena and she share other secrets that will develop into new suspense. Tori and Linc’s new attraction becomes new love for both. Delicate, gentle, and romantic scenes touch a deep yearning for this couple so that readers feel the passion of their romance during an unexpected outing.


As luck would have it, Linc is picked-up for a crime linked to a different investigation. Lincoln Crusoe is again in jail.  This is so alarming because he has an alibi. He’s been with Tori.


However, it is all too soon that Linc learns of Tori’s cover-up and a break-up ensues. New fears for Tori emerge to destroy her peace since the real rapist is still loose.  Prepare for the twists and turns that develop in an emotionally charged ending.


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Available at all major booksellers.  ISBN:13:978-0-373-71557-2


[Review by Sharlet Liebel © 2010]


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