NEW YORK MINUTE: A Romantic Comedy by Eve Paludan

 NEW YORK MINUTE: A Romantic Comedy by Eve Paludan[Charlotte M. Liebel Review]

The magic of entertainers on Broadway as told in NEW YORK MINUTE: A Romantic Comedy by Eve Paludan says it all in this 1980s production. The dialogue is hilarious and the characters are well-developed with interesting and believable backgrounds. This is an entertaining story to read in the shortest period of time with romance, drama, and crime.   

Eve Paludan writes about a pretty rich girl playwright who creates a script for a production on Broadway. Her father happens to have award-winning plays and she wants to impress him and make a name for herself. The best part is that this is a comedy with dialogue and antics that are so outrageous that they bring to mind absent-minded professors and dipsy starlets.The plot takes on a life of it’s own early in this romantic comedy of errors. Look for family drama, ex-husbands, jealousy, and unexpected crime. Just try to guess which couples end-up together.

The most unique feature of NEW YORK MINUTE: A Romantic Comedy appears to be that the story reads as a script written for a stage production. Then, within the story, is a play. The story opens with Liz London the playwright who is emotionally livid at the interpretation of her dialogue by the actors–in particular Jillian the leading lady. Liz is now challenged to play the female lead to demonstrate feelings and emotions that have been lost in translation.

A romantic connection is experienced between Liz London and Beau Randall the leading man and the acting is great to everyone’s surprise. A long weekend begins. Meanwhile the leading lady leaves in a huff but she is still scheduled to do the lead.

Liz allows Beau to escort her home and a chain of life-altering experiences change their professional relationship. As they exit the subway, Beau discovers his wallet was stolen with all his money, credit cards, and identification. While he is on the phone at the apartment reporting the theft and arranging for duplicates, Liz’s best friend, her ex-husband, shows up for an extended sleep-over.

The story takes humorous and tragic turns but the ending is pure genius. The author resolves the questionable and complicated scenarios she has created for the story-line and more for the play within. Often her rich dialogue alternately delights and defuses tense moments.

Ms. Paludan shows how deeply theatre life is ingrained and that such dedication reflects in theatre and personal lives for actors and playwrights. History shows that the first taste of limelight begins in youth. It has to be lived to be understood. Abandonment of self is the life of the artist. It is emotional, and something else.

Memories recall stories of the 99-seat theatres of NYC, Off-Off Broadway, and playhouse and thespian diehards of the 1980s. The resemblance to actual background history of actors, directors, and playwrights is uncanny.  Recall how the leading male and female fall in lust for one another. Remember jealousy, and understudies disappearing.

This is one of my favorite Eve Paludan tales and it was written early in her writing career. Her gift for comedic dialogue and storytelling is hilarious and this story is every bit as funny today as it was in the 1980s. Samuel French Inc Plays has to be her next stop.

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