SHADOW ON THE MOON (The Werewolf Series #1) by Connie Flynn


When least expected, SHADOW ON THE MOON (The Werewolf Series #1) Author Connie Flynn has you imagine making love to a tall green-eyed bearded mountain dweller who rescues you in a snowstorm, bandages a concussion, and shares your passion for wolves.

Biologist Dana Gibbs, from Arizona, gets stuck in a borrowed 4 x 4 vehicle in a snowstorm and is knocked out. She is quite self-sufficient on most journeys as she often travels alone into wilderness parks on wolf preservation junkies.  Dana has befriended wolves since childhood, knows their habits, traits, mannerisms and even their characteristic sniffing. But this time she is hurt, alone, and in trouble.

Wolves were reportedly endangered by humans in this area and Dr Gibbs is here to protect them at all costs before they are destroyed. On the other hand, the authorities believe wolves are killing travelers. Gibbs is convinced that wolves are not responsible for these mutilated bodies and this is reason enough for her to challenge them.

Overnight, her mysterious arrival to the hilltop cabin of a stranger baffles Dana. The trip is several miles uphill during a snowstorm so how could anyone have the strength to carry her? She ends up on a couch wearing a complete change of clothes, sporting injuries, and awakes after a time warp. What is going on?

Dana has an ‘attitude’ and starts making demands on her rescuer.  Dr. Morgan Wilder keeps trying to protect her from mysteries he cannot share with her. She rebels and insists she must make her way down the mountain to stop the troopers from harming her precious wolves. However, she is recovering from a head injury and her caretaker imposes house rules. One rule is never to enter his private domain. The other is that she should never walk outside the cabin after dark. Why does he behave so mysteriously… she doesn’t get it?

Earlier, readers learn that Morgan Wilder, a gorgeous hunk who now lives in isolation, was rather smitten by the dark eyes of his former girlfriend Lily. That on a date, on a night of the full moon in the woods, she turned his existence into anguish. Lily staged a wild dance dressed in a filmy gown on a cold evening amidst a ‘chorus of howls.’ Dark secrets still haunt him.

Fast forward ~ It isn’t long before a romance begins between Dana and Morgan. But for Morgan it’s a matter of fulfillment of his life that he keep Dana with him until the next full moon, according to legend. And one more thing. Dana must fall in love with him.

Romance and suspense at SHADOW ON THE MOON (The Werewolf Series #1) by Connie Flynn a highly charged and captivating story. Available in Kindle eBook and Audio at This is a verified purchase at


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