SALEM MOON by Scarlet Black [Charlotte M. Liebel Review]


by Scarlet Black [C. M. Liebel Review]

Author Scarlet Black’s talent is unique when writing her fictional tale entitled SALEM MOON for she stretches the imagination to entertain and to educate.  Her audience is treated to authentic happenings that highlight names, places, and dates of the era.

It is so refreshing in fiction to read a writer’s witchcraft story account of history such that the story is woven to include the Wickham Village, Witch hunting trials. In an opening tribute, the author dedicates this novel to the many ‘who lost their lives during the Witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.’ She recognizes those who provided expert research and criteria to authenticate her crime scenes that she could breathe life into them.  

As the story unfolds, unfathomed secrets attach to the essence of the protagonist Gabriel Blackstone that create a flow of unexplained behaviors. A dark and unexpected eerie result takes place in life. An evil fallen angel named Lucien is ever present in the young man’s life and Gabriel is accused of using witchcraft to kill a deer.  Mysteries seem to take-on a life of their own and are written in believable detail. Weird paranormal jolts keep the action fast-paced and moving toward high anxiety levels.

Early revelations are eventually, clarified. The current focus is masterfully engaging. It lifts the reader into the presence of the paranormal world–sometimes with horror. This creates an involved reader who anticipates and watches for the next event that saves or nearly overcomes a favorite character.

The cast becomes rather large by small increments. Two families recognized by distinct good and evil features are destined to hate one another throughout their lives. There is the past and there is the present. Wolves and flying entities evolve. They appear, and disappear. There is forever love for Gabriel when he meets Lily Snow. Of course, dilemmas must be resolved by complex solutions and these activities might create nightmares.  

This is an extraordinarily entertaining story of a family accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. It is history that transcends the wildest imagination. Twists and turns in this story descend upon an unsuspecting audience in a fast-paced and intriguing tale out of Salem, Massachusetts. 

SALEM MOON by Award Winning Author Scarlet Black is an action packed, 5-Star predictable bestseller, especially for adult history buffs. It is available in Ebook Editions. At Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.   

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