THE PROTECTOR: Book One of The Outerworld Key by Mark Matthews


The brilliant, well-developed and imaginative implications of a fantasy god, trolls, sorceresses, animals, and mini-kings are enchanting. Subjects of the realms are drawn to centuries old prophecies and a legend about The Protector who is gifted. The fascination for magical storytelling is that of Author Mark Matthews: THE PROTECTOR: Book One of The Outerworld Key.


The Protector, a young prince of the Western Lands, is named Barrett. He is gifted beyond his wildest dreams and discovers his magical charms as slowly as the audience. Such extraordinary talents make for curiosity and excitement along the journey traveled with his entourage. Albeit, the band of companions all possess gifts and talents. Among them are four princes, a woman spy, and the Ancient One who is also a woman.


The gifted partners of the party all carry important roles and assignments and their slowly evolving descriptions are admirably introduced. Readers initially learn of Prince Barrett’s rambunctious meanderings as a child in the king’s castle. He is scolded even as an adult by Brandli (a significant player) for his errant travels, through a secret passageway, to the city without him as his personal bodyguard. At this point, we do not know why.


Among favorite moments are the king’s great love and memory of his wife, the queen of Westmore. Later discoveries of interest about a prisoner ~ The Fader ~ named Tylor, ‘soaring’ feats of bravery and grace regard Prince Barrett and, especially his friendship with Arrow, his talented horse, are all memorable and mind-boggling. The tale is extravagant with personality descriptions, gross descriptors of functional abilities and limitations of some enemies. Town-folk become agents of unique assistance and ancient libraries provide maps.


Throughout the journey, companions provide clues about where they will find the ’Key’ from those privy to such information of their group. One of the party is Zanora, the beautiful and feisty redhead who was trained as a spy. Her looks knock the Westmore prince to his knees but, of course, her smart-mouth and tough attitude rub him the wrong way when they meet. Much of the beauty and her character develop en route.


The objective is finding The Outerworld Key that the angry god Gon hid from his world eons ago. The evil seekers are many and their aim is to release demons. The Protector with his companions have the best interests of humanity at heart. Surely they must find the ‘Key’ first.


A nail-biting war is dangling from the hinges of chaos! Thousands are involved… their swords and arrows are many! Yet the magical swirls of dust could prevail… against all odds! Recommended for all fantasy fans.


THE PROTECTOR: Book One of The Outerworld Key by Mark Matthews. *The book was received as a gift for an honest review. The Amazon Kindle edition is a verified purchase.


2 thoughts on “THE PROTECTOR: Book One of The Outerworld Key by Mark Matthews

  1. Charlotte,

    Thank you ever so much for the review. I’m very pleased you enjoyed the book and took up your valuable time to say as much.


    Mark Matthews

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