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Friend ~ I hear your heart of passion almost every day.  As you speak bold words of God’s mind you express the passion you follow in Christianity. Most visible is your love for family values and background heritage. You express pride and love in your children. How we love defines the burning question: Passion.

 Your passion runs deep as you celebrate and visit Indian Nation events in other states with pride. You absorb books in many subjects by the dozens and are an example for family and others that books educate. You show how education is important for one’s mind and share what you learn in conversation. You can never be bored or boring.

Wildlife is another passion of yours in the protection and privacy you give to your bird residents. Because you shelter and nurture God’s creatures, you and your family receive pleasure, education, and blessings.

And your greatest recent accomplishment – juicing – is absolutely a passionate response to eating well, loss of weight, and lifestyle changes. Even your car experienced a passionate response from you over it’s total loss. These emotions are those that I can relate to and to which I can respond in kind.

Passion can not be simply defined. It may be more an expression of how we love rather than what we love.

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Review by Charlotte M. Liebel

GRASSROOTS GRANTS An Activist’s Guide to Grantseeking by Andy Robinson is a book available at Amazon.com  for those whose current interest is learning the skills needed to raise money from grants. This book is in the library of a local ~ The Foundation Center ~ and the author easily guides and instructs the reader.

Grassroots Grants by Andy Robinson includes articles and examples for non-profit Proposal Writing. Additionally, it gives a ‘List of Exhibits, Exercises, and Worksheets’ for essential formats and Cover Letter writing.

This book is a ‘Must Read’ when preparing a proposal for grant funding. It includes FOUR (4) Winning Proposals. They are included word-for-word from Application through Proposal Budget.

This is a documentary to continually reference for grantseeking writers.

GUIDE TO PROPOSAL WRITING by The Foundation Center

Review by Charlotte M. Liebel

GUIDE TO PROPOSAL WRITING is a book I recommend. The copyright year is 1997/ Jane C. Geever, Patricia McNeill. –Rev. ed. ISBN 0-87954-703-0 PURCHASED at Amazon.com on 9/26/2011.

Appendix D: Quote ~ The Foundation Center is a national service organization founded and supported by foundations to provide a single authoritative source of information on foundation and corporate giving. (more

This book provides examples of data, letters, information, and Project Description required when submitting letters to organizations requiring Proposals for funding grants. The Master Proposal Format is outlined in detail, which includes a Project Budget from the requesting parties.


Write Historical Novels

Read the book Writing Historical Fiction by Rhona Martin who is a winner of England’s Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize. She is well versed in this genre.

Historical Fiction is more than filling the pages of a novel with ideas and dialogue. It requires building a plot and developing language of the era for diverse characters. Without question,  the historical writer must create accurate descriptions of behaviors, dress, and special story interests.

In contrast to writing events by contemporary authors, entertainment includes actions that readers of historical fiction will expect to recognize.  As customs in small communities are rooted in farming, textiles, shipping, and modes of travel, a person’s adventures are defined by their culture and education.

Throughout:  the stories tell about hero and heroins of ancient lore who speak in dialects consistent with their countries and so will their visiting travelers from other lands.

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Author David A. Schwinghammer

David A. Schwinghammer writes blogs at Author’s Den sending rants of fundamental truths about objectionable television shows in a recent article.

However, Schwinghammer’s greatest assault is against the publishing industry.  He is appalled that: “These days everything seems to have come from the Literary and Mystery Guilds, notorious shills for what passes for a best seller.” Additionally, he informs that the New York Times best seller list is ruled by the likes of James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Glenn Beck who have stooped to hiring ghost writers to write material for their lack of ideas.  Read more… in Crap fest  at Author’s Den.

David is the author of the mystery suspense novel, Soldier’s Gap about the killing of a small town’s local high school principal and the complicated involvement of several members within the school district.

The first person to reach the scene is baffled. He reaches the dead man but, at the touch of his cap, receives a weird sensory message that indicates the body is that of a man who might or might not be caught in the twilight-zone.

His book is available through Author’s Den and at:

Barnes & Noble.com
Mystery Writer