TAKING BACK TARA (Ranch Lovers Romance #1) by Eve Paludan

In the romantic drama, Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance #1) by Eve Paludan, a traumatic case study without benefit of psychotherapy develops. Zane McKenna enters a mid-life crisis when he loses his best friend and lifetime male companion–his father. This void in his, otherwise, fulfilled life causes him enormous pain. A close relationship between him and his beautiful wife abruptly plummets his psyche into the depths of depression. He loses his sense of responsibility and balance for living.

As he falls deeper into his cave, he creates a depth of isolation and despair for his soul-mate Tara who endures for over two years in silence. She is devastated at her continuing daily loss of unity from the love of her life. In fact, her life is without a family or neighbors in a wilderness where not another soul cares whether she lives or dies. Then, one day, a stranger moves to the nearby property and begins to mend her broken dreams. There is no going back.

Fast-forward two years. We learn about the total loss of Tara’s hopeful new life. Traumatic casualties have overtaken her to the depths of unbearable despair. She lived through a house fire and more tragedy. She’s living alone in pitiful squalor in a small trailer without comforts of heat in winter and running water. Except for her beloved horse and her two skills-trained dogs, who left with her in her broken marriage, she’s out of touch with reality. Her life and beauty have suffered and, one day, she disappears.

Unbeknown to Tara, her former love is recovering his life on the adjacent property. He watches over her and her property in case she needs him. In fact, an angry Zane keeps his distance until that moment when he senses an urgency to look for Tara who has mysteriously vanished. He’s on his horse and ready to ride every inch of acreage on her land to track her down.  

The story of ‘Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance)’ by Eve Paludan has the effect of choosing a language of love that most men and women understand.  Delightful and refreshing words of endearment spring from the tall, tough, handsome Zane who is learning to express his love. A woman reading closes her eyes and imagines this man speaks to her. A man does the same and hears his voice in the middle of a tender scene.  Why Tara leaves Zane is not clear to him. Who effected the miracle of change in Zane to become a non-drinking, gentle, tender-hearted person is a miracle to Tara. Some wonderful interaction between this couple starts an intervention.  

‘Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance)’ by Eve Paludan is a Kindle eBook Edition available at Amazon Online Bookstore. 




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