THE CHOOSING (Blood and Brotherhood Saga) by Jeremy Laszlo


Once the story begins with an episode of character introductions, as in THE CHOOSING (Blood and Brotherhood Saga) by Jeremy Laszlo (Ronnell Porter), the adventure has begun. There is total absorption and anticipation for the reader to follow the man or woman spoken to or walking into danger. Each of the author’s four young adults becomes alive because of descriptives, mannerisms, and secrets the audience is privy to in much the same way as parents know their children. Tension and mystery assault the reader dramatically.

Imagine living in a land of two moons, castles made of quarried stone in forests and where equine travel faster than locomotion. Blend the experience with powerful giants that walk the earth through gifts from powerful gods and goddesses who buy followers. Diminished life is the cost to gods who grant so many magic gifts and rule over so many to enlarge their realms. The gods’ motivation is power and their egos are at stake when the gods defend their kingdoms. Warriors vying for superiority are chosen according to special gifts they already possess and such gifts that they are awarded by gods. These warriors are the gods’ defense against other kingdoms. Life is complicated.

Three young men graduate from home life to become wards of their country’s kingdom. The boys are to serve their kingdom for years – no questions – and little chance of escape. Each enters the road toward the castle city of Valdadore for a choosing ceremony, with personal gifts, they know little about, and armour, suited for a life of war.  

Seth is the twin of Garret. Their father, an innkeeper raises them with admirable qualities and help of women in the close-knit family circle. Mysterious tales are a secret until the present day. Not all secrets are shared with the brothers. A reader wonders if  the brothers will remain loyal and protective of each other. The roles are explained in details so vividly that the hearer is caught-up in a personal struggle with the character as each tries to navigate their individual humanities.   

The twins bond with a travel-friend before leaving town and, soon, Seth becomes protective of young Sara who is a beauty in trouble. The four friends become a forceful group.  Along the road, legendary bravery, magical gifting, restoration from near-death to life, mind control, and other uncharted dreams are inspired in each individual.  These are selfless humans but they are entering a danger zone. Other characters are dwarfs, elves, healers, and ruling Knights.

The story ending is by no means the exit of friends the audience has learned to care about. In fact, it is Book One and the beginning of a new book awaits fans by the Author Jeremy Laszlo of THE CHOOSING (Blood and Brotherhood Saga). Available in Kindle Edition ebook  


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