THE FIRE OPAL (A dark fantasy novel) by Connie Flynn


What do I know about the Louisiana bayous, voodoo, magic, and swamps? THE FIRE OPAL (A dark fantasy novel) by Connie Flynn is devoted to mind-boggling research. The story is so eerie that readers will believe some of this story is a fantasy based on factual experience. Boy! Is it ever dark! The storyteller takes you through so many twists and turns that her imagination keeps you hooked for 416 pages.

The legend is about the women of the family who have been the Guardian of the Opal for years and it’s a strange gem. Liz Deveraux is next in line to carry on with duties although she tries to refuse. Legend has it that the men in their lives are their support except for reasons of divorce, infidelity, and weakness of character that make them a poor risk. Good, huh!

The Devil, Ankouer, lives as a powerful ‘presence’ and cannot be apprehended due to obscure magical powers. Few city dwellers believe this Devil exists whereas the bayou folk never speak about the ominous presence. The mystery is that if Ankouer exists, why can’t this Devil be found? Murders happen and suspects are next of kin.

There is a beautiful romance to be experienced in this novel. The mysterious disappearance and return of Liz Deveraux has the town baffled and whispering. Until now, Liz was thought to be dead. Recently, Dad sent for her because her mother died. Her wake is being held at a prominent friend’s home and the whole town is gathered.

Our hero, Zach Fortier and Liz were an item set to marry in their youth until, one day, his beloved Liz mysteriously vanished. There are major issues and painful memories that need to be resolved between them. But get ready for other ‘encounters’ because their relationship, although complicated, involves them in eerie voices, people, and investigative mysteries and deaths .  

There seems to be a huge gap of information about deaths in the swamps. Zach, our hero, is trying to uncover leads for his connection. Dad walks around saying that his wife was killed by the Devil, Ankouer. He doesn’t know how to explain himself so that others will understand but swears that it’s common knowledge, among older Cajun families.

THE FIRE OPAL (A dark fantasy novel) by Connie Flynn is a fantastic story for readers who want to be emotionally involved. It is filled with mystery, complicated encounters, and intriguing characters. Send for the eBook delivered at


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