A SERIES: THE TAKEN (L.AP.D. Special Investigations Book 2) by Linda Style

An emotionally jolting mystery-romance happens in the latest Linda Style suspense drama, THE TAKEN (L.A.P.D. Special Investigations Book 2). The story will certainly top the list of favorites from this Award-winning, National bestselling author.


This story from beginning to end was one of adult motives, adoptions, and the conflict about a lost boy. LAPD Detective Rico Santini had a personal motive for meeting, Cody, the boy that Macy Capshaw the Court Appointed Advocate for Child Protective Services was effectively protecting. It was her position that meeting the child might cause unnecessary trauma. Then, Rico suggested Macy review the police files.


Macy agreed to meet at Detective Santini’s headquarters to review the boy’s records. Suddenly, she became startled by information she read. What she discovered revealed a connection to secrets from her own life. Macy Capshaw asked a pivotal question. And the answer gave her a profound clue to return to review similar cases at her office.  


The encounter brought two individuals with baggage together to develop tolerance of one another. Soon, they were romantically involved as they learned to depend on one another to investigate and solve their complicated backgrounds.


The story was gripping. The humor was delightful, and the interaction of two families was realistically engaging. There were numerous notable characters engaged in important roles and activities. The storyline was easy to follow and the romantic conversations moved with authenticity. Police research was extraordinary and crimes were uncovered. 


Could there ever be a tale so moving as the mother who learns her child is stillborn and yet it happens often enough. Change the scenario to a mother who is underage and having her child delivered at a halfway house without family support. Now this is tragic enough without adding unsavory adult caretakers. 


Novel ideas come and go but, this thoroughly researched investigation is intense beyond borders. THE TAKEN (L.AP.D. Special Investigations Book 2) by Linda Style is recommended for the fast moving, action-packed storyline. A great read. Amazon Kindle.


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