WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED (Werewolf Detectives #1) by Eve Paludan

WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED (Werewolf Detectives #1) By Eve Paludan

[Charlotte M. Liebel Reviews]


Explosive dynamics, twists and turns, and a family link to historical Russian aristocracy. Uniquely tied murders, mysteries, and love connections are embedded into charming and/or alarming storylines. There are no dull scenes and characters are three dimensional to prepare readers for the forthcoming action series beginning with: WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED (Werewolf Detectives #1) by Eve Paludan and others.


In earlier years, a Russian family of complicated history, migrates to America and settles in West Hollywood. Not all the members are related but each one is connected in some way. They live with secrets of escape, childhood mystery, and individual indoctrination in the pack.


The mystery about Karina, the protagonist, unravels slowly. Karina has the qualities of inherited refinement and loves and respects her grandmother Babushka. Karina is studying to become a P.I. Her best girlfriend, Lexi, is rather wild but as close as a sister. Karina has interrupted her ‘Werewolf Nature’ for personal reasons. It’s no wonder that her entertainment is Lexi telling of her dating escapades with Russian strangers in their community.


Living near to the beach, enjoying her werewolf fancies and playing in the woods, Lexi knows the habits of humans dating at the beach and makes Karina laugh at her daring stories. When Karina asks Lexi for details, she responds, “I thought you didn’t want details.” Karina replies, “Let me put it this way. I am just as curious as I am horrified.”


Troubles are brewing in the pack! Ivan is a twin but is the Alpha male of the group equal to the Alpha female Karina. Igor, his brother, is ready to do battle with him to win Karina because the current leader has abdicated and a new leader and marriage must take place. In fact, Lexi is the next female to qualify for leadership. The politics are extremely heated and friends can easily become enemies.  


One night of the full moon finds Karina in a battle for her life due to an encounter with humans that has compromised her very existence! From then on, Karina lives on the edge. Secrets haunt Karina. But, as usual, her best friend Lexi throws caution to the wind. Big mistake!


Destiny seems to rescue Karina when she meets Jack Hardy, a homicide detective. He cannot seem to get past Karina’s beautiful eyes that change colors according to her moods.

Right from the beginning, page after page of drama and mystery will keep you up nights until all the facts are out in the open.


Be sure to read: WEREWOLF INTERRUPTED (Werewolf Detectives #1) By Eve Paludan. The next two ebooks are available now.  Also the three ebooks can be purchased as a set at: (Werewolf Detectives Series Box Set #1, #2 and #3).


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