WITCH BONES (Witch Detectives #4): A Paranormal Mystery Romance Novel by Eve Paludan

Powerful imagination for creating magic and story, is the gift bestowed upon Author Eve Paludan a multi-genre author and novelist. This novel is a continuation of Books 1, 2, and 3, of the series. It is titled WITCH BONES (Witch Detectives #4): A Paranormal Mystery Romance Novel. There are no less than a dozen fictional characters involved, including: enchanters, enchantress, a werewolf, goblins, fairies, warlords, romantic encounters, histories, and untold surprising magical maneuvers. All character identities and encounters have follow-through beginning to end with dramatic results.


The story has a masterfully fast moving and intellectually believable magic based on scientifically hypothecated imagination. This novel has grit!  Uncanny and admirable skills of storytelling in this book have been written with a continual flow of dialogue, adventure, surprise changes of direction and introductions to past history. All the while, current events run without interruption or confusion.


Europe and, specifically, the magnificent country of Scotland was chosen as the main site of this adventure and some history will be shared. Altogether, enjoy the humor of a cast of employees — reminiscent of humans.


Surely, readers will appreciate that WITCH BONES by Eve Paludan is a fast paced story with a sprinkling of unfamiliar Old World vocabulary words, easily translated in the Kindle dictionary. The language and romances are held to respectable standards, the teen is tart but smart, characters negotiate on cell phones and ancient members are well versed in computerese and savvy century terms.                                                                                                                      


Readers will enjoy, WITCH BONES (Witch Detectives #4): A Paranormal Mystery Romance Novel by Eve Paludan. This novel is truly exciting for so many reasons. It is, especially, uplifting because the theme seems to support love and forgiveness. The book can be read as a stand-alone when previous books of the series have not been read because of inclusive introductions. [Purchased]


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