WITCHY BUSINESS (The Witch Detectives #1) by Eve Paludan | J.R. Rain Presents


Enjoyed the fast paced story about a coven of witches who are smarter than werewolves and create havoc in ‘Witchy Business’ by Eve Paludan. The mood is uptempo, especially, between two female rival witches in Edinburgh, Scotland. The one leading has the hardest time getting her subordinate to follow directions. This push and pull relationship reminds the reader of earthly mom and daughter catfights. Except that witches live for hundreds of years and the situation is just more complicated.

The earthly job description for the enchantress, Elle Chambers, is that she has an admirable reputation for solving insurance claims. So, when expensive insured articles are lost or stolen, she is called upon to find baubles, famous antiques, or world renowned and costly paintings. This talented detective-investigator skillfully unearths treasures and returns them to the insurance companies who are pleased with her track record and pay her well. She admits to using mystic powers, at times, but no one notices. Well, she says, she has to earn an independent living otherwise her life would be dull in-service to her coven. And she prefers her freedom to make her own choices.

Here comes trouble. Complications arise soon after she visits a new client and promises him her services. It doesn’t hurt that he is out-of-this-world gorgeous. The problem is not with Niall but with her ‘leadership!’ Suddenly, Elle is not only confronted by Rebecca but her disagreeable male reinforcement. As far as Elle is concerned, it is none of their business who she chooses to work for.  But they make it their business and keep secrets from her, as well. According to them, they are protecting her.

Danger lurks. She is given choices. Although she’s stubborn and brave, she cannot deny the threatening atmosphere. However, all their secrets make her all the more defiant and suspicious. What is the danger to her in accepting this job? Why don’t they explain? Against her will, they want her to turn the job down. Why?

Elle uses persuasion on her ‘friends’ and promises that she will do her detective work as fast as she can and get out of their way so they can pursue their business with her client. Is she being honest? Will she help them with a wretched plan? Maybe. Fine.

Not fine. Her client’s chemistry seems to draw Elle to him in mysterious ways. Niall even talks her into visiting a crowded nightclub. He helps her discover hidden secrets about herself. She begins to question why she didn’t learn these secrets from her mother and tutors. Danger is about to jump up and bite into Elle’s ‘Witchy Business’ plans.

Twisted scenes ~ full of surprises ~ captivate readers in ‘Witchy Business’ by Eve Paludan. The dialogue is great and the storyline is highly energetic. It reads like an Alfred Hitchcock movie with tense suspense. That good!


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